Monday, March 23, 2009

I Told Her I Was a Disease Holder But I Still Hit It

Its been a minute since I've blogged.  I've been doin the school thing and this last week my boy Lucky was in town distracting me.  Anyway, everything has been pretty bangin.  I did get in a car accident a few weeks ago.   I missed my exit driving to school for a morning class and ended up in some residential part of Berkeley I didn't recognize.  I came to what I thought was a four way stop, noted the oncoming car, and turned right.  Unfortunately , it wasn't a four way stop and I plowed into a white Subaru full of hippies on their way to get in a morning round of frisbee golf before work selling energy bars at the R.E.I. (I can cross hitting hippies with my car off the ol' bucket list).  It was completely my fault and after pulling over I ran back to apologize and make sure everyone was ok.  Everyone was fine and they were all super gracious and sweet but one guy did kind of hit his head and one of the neighbors had called the cops so a cop car and some ambulances came.  Now, here I should mention that the night before I had lent my car to my cousin and her boyfriend to go and take pictures of factories in the central valley.  As a result my car smelt like it was actually made of blunts.  So naturally I was trying to keep the cop as far from my car as possible.  I think he picked up on the fact I was acting shady because when I searched through the glove compartment for my insurance form he stood on tippy toes  peering over my shoulder.  Unfortunately when I opened the said glove compartment three ping pong balls and an equivalent amount of condoms fell onto the passenger seat.  I, flustered, quickly brushed the fun stuff onto the floor, grabbed the first official piece of paper I could find, slammed the door and handed it to the smirking officer.  It was around that time that it started to rain so I joined the people I hit (my victims?) under an awning to apologize some more.  In one or two minutes the officer returned to tell me that the insurance form I had given him was two years expired and that if I couldn't find an up to date one he would have to charge me.  I told the officer that he should stay out of the rain, and away from my car, and returned to search the glove compartment again.  Good news, I found it pretty quickly.  Bad news, at some point I had written across it in pen, 

3x Mushroom   
Get out by 3:30!!!"

I handed it to him and because he was apparently an angel he didn't comment on it or the smell. That's pretty much the whole fun part of the story.  I'll spare you the unfun parts, the insurance people, the mechanics, having to cancel my collision insurance, the $10,000 of damage etc.etc.  Alright, some other shit has been happening in my life but I'll save it for another post.