Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Burrough Is Thorough

I just got back from my three day valentines day bi-coastal bachinalia. It was better than I could have imagined. There was not a dull moment. I saw all of my nearest and dearest loved ones from the New York area including my boy Lucky who took the bus all the way down from upstate. It is a tribute to how amazing everyone is that all of my friends are in serious relationships and all were willing to spend their love weekend gettin blasted with me. I didn't feel like a third (seventh) wheel once. I managed to eat fried chicken, a real ass Brooklyn Deli Rubin, bagels with bay-lox capers and cream cheese, two slices of pizza and a long ass chinese feast complete with 151 shots and them little pork patties fried with tiny salted silver fish. I went to a house party, a secret korean bar, a congee temple, a strip club and some swanky ass hotel (I think). I spent an entire eight hours smoking pot and slowly working my through a BANGIN cheese platter. Everywhere I went I ran into people I knew. Even the coat check girl at the strip club turned out to be an old friend who gave me and all my friends free entry and drinks at the club next store and some homeless guy with a broken sholder in Washington Square park gave me some tree for my elbo injury. Between the pain pills for my arm, the antianxieties for the flying, all the trees and liqs it all flew by in one smily love filled moment and now I'm back in my beautiful jewel of a city by the bay. Cross all your fingers that my boy D might soon be joining us out here for grad school. Everything is bright and gettin brighter. Muah.

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