Sunday, September 28, 2008

This time Is For Real

OK, I have been wanting to write on my blog for a long time. Months.  It's just that every time I start I go to sleep or get blasted or eat instead.  You see, when people ask me what my plans are for my future I say that I want to stay in school for as long as possible and then be a writer or something.  Recently it has occurred to me that, with the brief exception of this blog, I have not really ever written anything.  So I'm gonna really try to start doing this blog thing for real.  That said,  this blog really hasn't found its voice yet... I have some ideas for interesting articles, among them, "Is Human Milk Dairy?"   But ideas like that take time to polish and craft so for now I think I'm gonna make your average cop out blog where I keep you all (assuming there are any of you at all) posted on what I'm up to.  

After returning from China I had what was maybe the best summer ever.  I went camping a lot, spent about seven hours a day in the pool, read obsessively and squandered my savings on parties and pork products .  Also, one of my best friends moved out here from Austin and, with her two pet parakeets Edith Piaf and Jonathan Brandis  lived with me in my cubby sized apartment for a month or two.    Summer ended as it always does and I opted to go back to school.  Somehow I was lucky enough to be accepted into two classes at Berkeley (Modern Mandarin Language, and Introduction to Literary Chinese).  So now my life consists of getting up in the morning and commuting to the East Bay where I attend my morning class.  It is way out of my league and I just barely know what's going on every once in a while.  That said I absolutely love it.  With the possible exception of my Holocaust Studies Class it is certainly my favorite class I have ever taken.  After class I have four hours until my next class so I spread out my blanket and read Get Fuzzy comics until I pass out.  Usually the rising sun wakes me up gasping in a pool of sweat just in time for my next class which is actually pretty easy and passes before I've even fully recovered from my nap.  Then, after a hot dog or two, its back home to either play music, do homework or most often read or get in a quick drinking game with the roommate.  I have had some pretty wild adventures recently (rode in the back of a cop car, got roofied, threw out my back arm-wrestling a geriatric lesbian)  but If I share too much now what will make you all ever read this again?  Just so I don't sound too boring I and the girl with the partakeets did start a band tonight.  We're called The Atlantic Northwest and we're pretty much fucking great.  We laid down our first track (is that what its called?) today and it moved us all to tears.  We have a myspace page but I haven't figured out how to upload shit yet but I'll keep you posted.  


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Anonymous said...

it's actually "things to talk about when YOU'RE talking about things". i'm heading to macau tomorrow, since i skipped the package deals with the NIGHT OF SEXY FUN i'm thinking about treating myself to the strip joint tonight. "Just One Beer" as the girls in bunny ears said earlier when they tried to drag me in. They had NO IDEA.