Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'll Kill You. Smoke a Blunt. Then Forget Where I Put You...

I got a second of down time (for those familiar with my schedule this is an obvious joke) so I thought I'd keep up this blog thing.  I'm back home now from China.  Getting home from China is like being on drugs.  I can't sleep at night, the colors are so bright, the air is so clear and crisp, every breath is sweet and cool and even the most foul urban breeze seems fragrant and almost floral.  My life at the moment is pretty bangin. Last night I went to a wild dance party club disco thingy, slept in this morning/afternoon, then spent the day in the country on a farm playing with puppies.  I got paid last night so my China job is officially over but I also heard the bad news that because of the financial crisis a bunch of the other trips to China I was going to work for this summer have been forced to cancel.  Thats shitty but I'm not really trippin.  A freer summer is always a mitzvah and now I can do whatever I want and I got plenty of other job offers in China if I wanna be over there.  I'm just gonna have to be more careful with my money (sorry local drug dealers) so I can afford some good adventures.  Also I heard about this pseudo job thing through Rustic Pathways called "flight leader" where they give a free round trip ticket to the world city of your choice and all you have to do  is watch 30 high schoolers on the plane then you get two weeks off to do whatever then you gotta come back to the airport and watch the same kids on the plane back to San Francisco.  They don't pay you or support you at all in the city but your completely free to do whatever for two weeks, the flight is free and they travel all over the world (Europe, Asia, Africa etc etc).  So I'm juiced on that.  I'd be lying if I said It wasn't a little boring to be back.  I miss being able to just go on a walk and have a crazy confusing adventure but I love my boys out here and its nice to be back in their warm embrace.

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