Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Underneath the Sheets I'm a Mess

This one is gonna be short.  I got back from the farewell buffet dinner in the middle of the Pu Dong river.  I got a bunch of thank yous and little gifts but by the time I got home I was over come with stomach pain.  I spent the night drinking water bottles sip by sip but every single sip made me throw up.  Thank god for the mescaline incident as now no amount of throwing up seems unbearable.  The worst was that I also had a fever and the fever combined with my dehydration made me forget where I was and hallucinate a little (emphatically not in a good way).  The worst was that my brain was completely scattered and working in a mix of Chinese, english and the maddening super slow broken english I used to communicate with the bus drivers and hotel staffers.  Anyway it was one of the worst nights of my life and I missed saying goodbye to all the kiddies.  By the morning I felt oddly ok... Now I'm in China on my own with a day and a half to have any adventures I want.  Keep you posted...

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